INVU BY SWISS EYEWEAR GROUP Optical Frame with Clip Collection launch

INVU is adding a magnetic ultra polarized clip into its optical collection as a natural extension to the brands product offering. The latest optical frames can be turned into a pair of fashionable sunglasses within seconds thanks to this new clip design with an invisible magnetic mechanism. “This especially comes in handy while driving,” according to the brand statement, “or in any situation where consumers do not want to carry along a pair of prescription sunglasses.”
With ease of use and contemporary design at the top of the agenda in this line, INVU plans to target ‘Generation X’ with this versatile, stylish product offer. In line with the philosophy of INVU, the new Optical Frame + Clip Collection is crafted in quality, high tensile and flexible Swiss TR 90 and Ultem materials.

INVU is shown at the Swiss Eyewear Group stand at Mido 2020 in Pavilion 6 – Booth H07.


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