JEAN-FRANÇOIS REY WAVE: a light, fluid concept by the Marseille eyewear brand

Jean-François Rey’s WAVE concept introduces a light, fluid design language in a collection that expresses movement and a modern graphic style. The characteristic style of the frame fronts is obtained by folding and colouring thin strips of stainless steel ribbon. The result of lengthy research and development, the novel innovative style is incorporated into 3 semi-rimless stainless steel shapes. “The designers cultivate codes of contemporary design,” explains Jean-François Rey. “This allows a fascinating game where the thin lines of metal fold, intercross, superimpose and vibrate on the front in a lightweight and airy structure.”
Each stainless steel piece is folded and coloured separately, by hand, in a precise, clean and efficient technical process developed by the team. The assembly of the pieces of the frames has been studied to create a graphic effect that is visually powerful. The pure and luminous choice of colours is described as having an essential role in underlining the graphic aesthetics of the frames.

Jean-François Rey Eyewear Design exhibits its full range of collections at Mido 2020 at Pavilion 4, Stand M09 N10.


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