KATA Art and movement in design

Crimson announces the launch collection of the new KATA Eyewear collection. The collection will make its debut at Mido 2019.
At its core, KATA is a choreographed pattern of masterful movements used in the martial arts, striking in pose and precision. Each movement is a reflection of expression in measure. A mysterious form of self-discipline, upholding perfect form in shape and flow. Taking inspiration from the Japanese practice of Karate, KATA Eyewear collection is the manifestation of art and movement in eyewear design. The launch collection of KATA Eyewear brings a new vision to eyewear, unlocking new techniques in fluidity and style.
The KATA Eyewear collection consists of 20 ophthalmic styles, each style offering a variety of sunglass options featuring flash mirrored lens, polarized lens and anti-finger print coatings. Classically designed for men, the collection features styles in Titanium and premium acetates and feature a series of miniature triangles on brow bars on acetate models or in metal molded elements on temple ends and tips.


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