LINDBERG An expression of design unified with nature

LINDBERG explores the interplay between design and nature in their latest optical and sun collections. In organic architecture, buildings are given form to engage with the surrounding natural environment, creating a beautiful balance between the natural and the creative world, according to the company. The new collection aims to draw inspiration from this concept with models designed to engage with the natural features of the face and still stand out as a designed element to bring out the best in both.
The collection is closely linked to LINDBERG’s DNA, which is closely tied to the design movement of functionalism, with designs that should feel fantastic to wear – where style and comfort are in “perfect balance”. The new models also reflect the company’s focus on technical innovation, craftsmanship and customisation.
The collections comprise LINDBERG air titanium rim, using high quality titanium wire; LINDBERG strip titanium, produced from laser-cut thin plates of premium quality titanium; LINDBERG strip3p, a fashionable rimless collection. The sun collection LINDBERG sun titanium is fashion-forward, functional and designed for absolute comfort.
LINDBERG is a family-run business led by architect MAA Henrik Lindberg, who co-founded the company with his father optometrist Poul-Jørn Lindberg more than three decades ago. Every pair of eyeglasses is made with a minimalist approach without screws, rivets or welded parts.


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