LOOK-made in Italia “Abbraccio”: a sign of our times

An expression of warmth and a reminder of human connection, LOOK-made in Italia presents its new 2021 communication campaign: ABBRACCIO and new collections for 2021. In this moment in history, where a lack of contact and social distancing are rewriting the dynamics of our relationships, the company has wanted to emphasize values such as care, protection and affection, seen in a series of images in which emphasis is put on the main characters gently lit against a harmonious colour scheme. The colour brings warmth, because a hug (abbraccio in Italian), is the contact between two or more people and contact creates warmth, says the company.
Tender gestures between a man, woman and child, like a dance with a “neoclassical feel”, the photos are designed to represent the beauty of deep emotion that keep people connected. The campaign embraces the entire LOOK-made in Italia range from premium kids to premium and high-end adult eyewear styles through its LOOK, Lookkino, Materika collections for 2021.


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