MOREL Lightec 3D printed collection

The French eyewear company MOREL has launched its first 3D printed Lightec collection, designed to offer the ultimate experience in comfort. The frames make use of the polyamide material for the front combining it with beta-titanium for temples, allowing a featherweight construction of 10 grams, and a high level of flexibility. Aesthetically the designs bring together the velvet like texture of the 3D material with the shiny metal finish of the classic eyewear material beta titanium, creating an effect that feels elegant and modern. A palette of deep colours with a bright and intense look is explored in the polyamide, and shapes are classic with four round and panto designs for women and four rectangles and a panto style with a double bridge for men. The hinges are fitted with the Omicron system, a high-tech screwless and flexible hinge patented by the French company and first launched in the Lightec collection in Spring 2018.


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