MOREL Capsule collection with creative designer Nathalie Blanc

French company Morel has launched a capsule collection created in a first collaboration with the French eyewear designer, Nathalie Blanc. The aim is to define a collection with the bold design traits and trendy, minimalist lines of Blanc’s work created with the technical know-how and expertise of the historic French company Morel.
“The collaboration between Blanc and Morel came to fruition because of shared values and vision,” say Morel, in a statement. “While Blanc is passionate about eyewear and its history, Morel continues to evolve and expand its legacy in new challenges.”
The ophthalmic and sun models in the collaboration – targeted at both men and women - include graduated lens tones (for sunglasses), open frame structures and advanced combinations of materials.

The French eyewear company MOREL will attend MIDO 2020 – Booth C19 D22 C23 D26 Pav. 4.


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