THEMA OPTICAL Virtual Eyewear Assistant extended For Consumer Use

Thema Optical, producers of Virtual Eyewear Assistant (V.E.A.), a software application used in an exclusive agreement by GreenVision in Italy, has announced the launch of a new version of the App, adapted for use by the consumer. The V.E.A. application can now be used on a personal device such as a mobile phone and gives the user a means to create their own bespoke frame in the comfort of their own home. Once the design is as they want it, they can drop in to their closest optician to complete the order.
Virtual Eyewear Assistant uses a device with a 3D camera and creates an accurate 3D scan of the face. It then shows the user on the screen the frames that best match their biometric measurements, allowing them to choose a frame designed specifically to suit their face and their needs.
The B2C version of V.E.A has recently launched in Italy and will soon be available in other countries on the App Store – compatible with devices that have a 3D camera. After choosing the frame and the colours, the user also has the opportunity to personalize their frame design with a name, initials or numbers. When the frame is selected the V.E.A. app generates a QR code. Presented with the QR code, the optician scans it to complete the order; the glasses are prepared in 5-7 business days.

Thema Optical will exhibit at MIDO 2020 – Booth F10 G01, Pavilion 1.


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