TRANSITIONS Transitions® Signature® GEN 8 launch, Italy

The new Transitions® Signature® GEN 8 lenses will be one of the highlights at the Transitions stand at Mido 2020. Thanks to an innovative matrix made from nanocomposite materials and ultra-agile photochromic molecules – the new photochromic lenses – with light intelligent technology - are described as being up to 30% faster in activation and up to three minutes faster in fade-back than previous lenses. Features also include full indoor clarity, long-lasting performance, and high-quality eye protection from harmful light.
The company is planning to exhibit with a 200-square-metres dedicated booth located in the heart of the Fashion District with the theme “Light it up” and highlighting a new media campaign: Light Under Control.
Following an extensive rebranding process – which kicked off in 2018 in Italy– the Transitions brand now aims to ‘show off’ its coolest side, with a mix of style and colours that conveys the beauty of light. The new capsule collection of fashionable colours will also be unveiled for the first time at the show: designed to ‘mix and match’ with the frame to create a unique look.

Transitions will be exhibiting at Mido in Pavilion 1 - Booth M24 N29.


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