TREE SPECTACLES Innovating in state-of-the-art materials

Italian independent label Tree Spectacles has launched a Titanium Collection with faceted surfaces, more usually seen in acetate eyewear. The surfaces produce “a soft glinting effect in the light” and are featured in two new series which play with the concept, each one with two models.
“These two series complete the designs in our TITANIUM Collection,” says Marco Barp, Co-Founder. “The line is currently attracting much attention and success. We wanted to continue on the same path in terms of innovation by using new milling effects, a fresh colour palette and playful reflections of light. We love the minimal look and we are absolutely delighted to have achieved unique colour and effects in titanium  – using light as opposed to colour – with really surprising, eye-catching results.”
Tree Spectacles specialises in innovative design in advanced materials which include titanium, acetate and wood. The frames have a bold character while retaining key technical advantages and important features such as lightness and comfort.

Tree Spectacles will be at MIDO 2020 – Booth M15, Pav. 4.


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