ZEISS VISION CARE Presentation of ZEISS SmartLife

ZEISS VISION CARE announces its participation at Mido where the official launch of ZEISS SmartLife will take place for the Italian market. ZEISS SmartLife represents a new eyeglass lens portfolio designed for all visual needs, across all age groups.
According to a statement by the company, the ZEISS SmartLife lens design factors in our modern connected and on-the-move lifestyle, dynamic visual behaviour, individual visual needs and age. The same principles which apply to customized precision lenses from ZEISS apply to ZEISS SmartLife: a comprehensive analysis and measurement of the wearer’s personal needs at the ECPs becomes the basis for calculating and manufacturing the custom eyeglass lenses, which are available to accommodate different visual requirements and include ZEISS SmartLife progressive, digital and single vision designs.

ZEISS VISION CARE will exhibit at MIDO in Pavilion 3, Stand H01 K12.


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