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10.30 a.m.
‘Empowering Optical Women Leadership: the challenge of eyewear’.
A project of ANFAO (Italian Optical Goods Manufacturers Association) under the patronage of the Bellisario Foundation.
Hosted by Barbara Serra (journalist and writer).
1 p.m.
How toHow to define the look and personality through spectacles. Styling as an opportunity for opticians.
Valentina Ventrelli (Expert in Contemporary Aesthetics and Strategic Marketing Consultant) and Paolo Ferrarini (Journalist and Curator) dialogue with Nick Cerioni (Creative Director and Celebrity Stylist).
2 p.m.
Myopia and the control of myopic progression.
Massimiliano Serafino (Director U.O.C. Ophthalmology at IRCCS Giannina Gaslini, Genova), Giancarlo Montani (Professor of Optics, University of Salento); Giorgio Parisotto (Professional & Medical Relations Coordinator Essilor Italia).
3 p.m.
Book@MIDODaniela Basilico (Head of Ediorial Coordination at Vision.biz) presents:
‘Innovation in eyewear design’by Elisabetta Benelli and Benedetta Terenzi.
‘Alessandro Spiezia. The optician who saw history’by Luisa Carla Redaelli.
4.30 p.m.
New State of Eyewear Manufacturing.
Powered by HKOMA (Hong Kong Optical Manufacturers Association)
Evan Tse (President, Hong Kong Optical Manufacturers Association); Frank Schroeder (Marketing Manager, OBE Gmbh & Co. KG); Jason Wehlage (Vice President of Product & Design, Kenmark Eyewear); Kenny Kwok (Director, Kelfred Holdings Ltd).
5.30 p.m.
The First AI-designed progressive lens.
Gabriel Martin (External Consultant, NOVAR Vision).
10 a.m.
Guidelines for the management of myopia according to the World Council of Optometry.
Cindy Tromans (Past President of the European Council of Optometry and Optics - ECOO, Director of the World Council of Optometry - WCO); Luca Benzoni (Optometrist BSc, Responsible for ALOeO training in the field of contact lenses and myopia progression); Nicola Rizzieri (Optometrist BSc, Clinical Optometry MSc, Optometry and Vision Science PhD student, Myopia Management Specialist).
11 a.m.
Campagna Amica Foundation presents:
The foods of sight and well-being.
Carmelo Troccoli (Director of Campagna Amica Foundation); Stefano Magno (Komen Italia Women's and Children's Health and Public Health Sciences, Policlinico Gemelli); Alberto Villani (Head of the General Paediatrics Unit of the Bambino Gesù Paediatric Hospital in Rome); Danilo Mazzacane (Ophthalmologist, Vice President of Commissione Difesa Vista Onlus and Secretary General of G.O.A.L. - Gruppo Oculisti Ambulatoriali Liberi).
12 a.m.
SS 2024 Fashion Forecast Trends: WGSN will present the latest product trends.
Powered by WGSN for MIDO. Kim Mannino (Director of Trend Curation - Mindset, WGSN).
1 p.m.
How toHow to create emotion with light while enhancing the product: light design in the optical shop.
Lucia Chrometzka (Business Designer) dialogues wih Lisa Marchesi (Lighting Designer).
2 p.m.
Bestore, Stand Up for Green and CSE Award ceremonies at the Fashion Square in Hall 1.
3 p.m.
How toHow to realise a functional, recognisable and memorable optical shop through a design that respects space and product.
Valentina Ventrelli (Expert in Contemporary Aesthetics and Strategic Marketing Consultant) dialogues with Martino Berghinz (Architect).
4 p.m.
Book@MIDODaniel Feldman (Executive Director at The Optical Journal) presents:
‘Amazing Eyewear’by Maarten Weidema.
Simona Finessi (Founder Platform Network) presents:
‘The charismatic optical centre. Thought, strategy, action for the optician who wants a future’by Alessandra Salimbene.
5 p.m.
VEDERE: a 70-year long vision
Isabella Morpurgo (Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Vedere, Edizioni Arminium).
10 a.m.
AIO (Italian Association of Opticians) and EIDOS Communication present:
‘Master opticians meet the world of manufacturing’.
11.30 a.m.
Book@MIDOMario Casini (AIO President) and Giovanni Susti (Eidos Communication, Director of L'Ottico) present
‘Frame Design, or the complexity beyond appearance’by Mario Casini
Isabella Morpurgo (Editor-in-Chief Vedere) presents:
‘The three doors of Public Speaking’. CONNECT, CREATE, COMMUNICATE. This is how the leaders of the New Era communicate to create a better world. By Max Galli.
1.00 p.m.
How toHow to make the point of sale an attractive and experiential destination, interweaving art and commerce, communication and creativity.
Luisa Aschiero (Retail researcher and expert) dialogues with Felice Limosani (Multidisciplinary artist).
2.00 p.m.
Sustainability, a factor in competitiveness.
Rossella Sobrero (President Koinètica, board member of the Fondazione Pubblicità Progresso and board member of the Sustainability Makers network).
3.00 p.m.
‘Sight and driving: beware of weak road users’.
Edited by the SIOL (Italian Society of Legal Ophthalmology).
Sebastiano Accetta (Director S.C. Ophthalmology I.C. Sant'Ambrogio, Secretary Vision+ Onlus); Benedetto Barabino (University of Brescia, Civil Engineering, Architecture, Territory); Franco Giacotti (Vice-President Vision+ Onlus); Riccardo Perdomi (Vice-President Vision+ Onlus); Demetrio Spinelli (President Vision+ Onlus and Italian Society of Legal Ophthalmology); David Vetturi (University of Brescia, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering Department).


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