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An ever-increasing focus on welfare for De Rigo Vision employees

June 3 2019

A new company Welfare and Work-Life Balance project, intended to improve the personal lives of employees is under way at De Rigo Vision. The programme, which sees the company involved in various different initiatives, has been developed in agreement with trade unions and RSUs.

The first project envisaged by the programme, dedicated to women’s health and announced on 8 March, will commence in July. Employees within the age group most at risk (40-50 years) will have the possibility to access free preventative breast cancer screening at work and during working hours, so as not to further burden the already extremely busy personal lives of the women in question.

The new initiative that has just been launched instead regards ‘smart working’ and involves De Rigo Vision employees of both sexes. A digital literacy plan that will enable the 170 employees who have volunteered to take part in the initiative not only to learn the basics, allowing them to use computers and the internet, but also to have digital workstations at their disposal, to be consulted directly at the company during working hours.  

In total, the project consists of 16 hours of training. Eight hours between May and June, with qualified IT personnel who will provide the basics, and eight hours in September, under the guidance of a company manager who will teach the employees the various internal IT procedures to enable them to access the reserved areas of the company services made available to them.

In addition to the training course, eight digital workstations within the company are also set to be installed. Eight totems to be made available to the employees, enabling them to freely consult their documents online, such as their pay slips, for example, which have now been digitalised. Moreover, by means of the totems, the employees will also be able to access the Company Welfare Portal via a facilitated connection, so as to learn about and choose their dedicated services and benefits: from fuel, grocery shopping and travel vouchers, to gym, cinema and theatre memberships and subscriptions.

Via the platform, it will also be possible to directly request the reimbursement of children’s school fees or costs relating to the method of transport used to get to and from work. The totems will also facilitate the use of the health Welfare system that has been up and running at De Rigo Vision for a number of years now; this will all be possible during working hours, in order to free up the personal lives of employees.  

Beniamina Rosset and Pino Olivotti, coordinators of the RSUs for De Rigo Vision, commented: “We are pleased to have successfully finalised a smart working project - an initiative that we hope to further consolidate in the future”.

“Following a project dedicated to women, we are pleased to have successfully offered an additional contribution to improve the quality of our staff's day-to-day lives. Today, in the digital age, we believe that offering cultural and concrete access to those who do not yet possess this knowledge, as well as those who do not have a computer at home, represents an important step forward with a view to achieving a better balance between private life and work”, concluded Ennio De Rigo, De Rigo Group Chairman.

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