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2023 eyewear trends.

May 1 2022

2023 eyewear trends.

MIDO 2022 showcases the many faces of frame collections – the hub for game-changing fashion and creative style, innovations and the latest future technologies.


Unique shapes, empathic colors, personality and style. SS23 eyewear is expressed in three macro trends that focus on responsible innovation, sustainable beauty, modern vintage and visionary minimalism. From details to color, materials to shapes, SS23 is game-changing. The 2023 eyewear trends fall into three basic macro trends: Design-Wise, Soul Space and Full Spectrum.

Design-Wise is based on products with a meaning, a purpose, in support of sustainable innovation. Tending toward pastels, the harmonious color palette expresses calmness through the hues of nature. Style takes a maxi-minimal approach with emphasis on basic monochrome shades, while simple yet unexpected geometries express purity and serenity. The design is visionary ‒ a hybrid of high-tech and artisan craftsmanship. It’s a trend that prioritizes details, the use of color to ensure longevity, deliver comfort and wellbeing, and innovates to educate.

Soul Space instead, is influenced by nostalgia, nature, comfort and craftsmanship. The warm color palette takes its cue from earth tones and the world of nature. The mood is romantic, vintage, floral, boho. The pivotal points of this trend are based on the use of accessories as self-care, on products that have a story to tell and on responsible designs aimed at crating ethical, sustainable products.

Full Spectrum, is a trend that embraces life in vivid colors, style, creativity and pure fun. The mood is eclectic and the color palette vibrant and bright, made up of intense, exuberant hues. The shapes vary, at times they’re flamboyant; styles vacillate from retro summer to nostalgia, with a regency allure. This trend also launches “Trash to Treasure” or, the use of debris as decoration. The key features are encapsulated in the wellbeing component, in looking back to see the future, in blending fun and functionality and in creating beauty out of cast-off objects.



Details in the SS23 trends are inspired by handiwork and artisan crafsmanship: knots, macramé, artfully woven materials. Florals make a big impact, but only if they’re supersized. And there’s more: over-the-top decorations, rhinestones, colorful butterflies, branding, infographics and whimsical, wildly colored outdoor motifs.

The materials are robust, with a broad use of turquoise, AB crystals, vivid brilliantly colored enamels, sparkling and pearlescent effects and retro embellishments. Other noteworthy 2023 trends include a mix of metals, eccentric shapes and interplays of transparency.


Maxi-vintage epitomizes SS23 eyewear. Its shapes are hexagonal or super-square, bringing back the popular aviator style and evergreen cat-eye silhouette. Among the trends, we also find the wayfarer – romantic, minimalist, squared, but with rounded corners – and sporty racing goggles. Classic round shapes are well-represented, along with the return of rectangular geometries but with a more eclectic, extravagant vibe.

The information in this article was collected during research conducted by WGSN for MIDO.

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