6 up-and-coming brands to watch out for.

February 25 2022

How is creativity evolving? To understand what direction it is taking, we have selected six brands run by promising young designers in the worlds of fashion, furnishing and jewellery.

The answer was unambiguous: the future of fashion and design passes without doubt through craftsmanship, Made-in-Italy quality, uniqueness and, an essential factor now, an eco-sustainability character. Let’s discover together their creations and brand philosophy.



The name of this Made-in-Italy knitwear brand is an acronym deriving from the sibling founders: ALessandro, MArtina and CEcilia. The project was created in 2020 from an idea by Cecilia and Martina: during the lockdown period, the sisters decided to start making crochet items, a passion handed down by their mother, who isstill today a key player in the company’s creativity and business.

Almace is a collection of knitwear, garments and accessories: unique and colourful items that allow us to look to the future without ever forgetting the tradition of the past”, state Martina and Cecilia. “Our goal is the opposite of fast fashion, every item is handmade and each detail is designed to make up something unique and precious with the best Italian yarns. From this perspective, Almace is a slow-fashion brand that does not focus on seasonal collections, promoting a less compulsive and more sustainable type of shopping.

Sabba Designs


The multidisciplinary Swiss designer Sabine Baz is the creator of Sabba Designs, a home furnishing brand offering recycled cashmere blankets, or art prints that match decorative jacquard cushions.

The whole range blends the precision of Swiss graphic design with the quality of Italian luxury, revealing clear graphic influences from the Bauhaus and Optical Arts movements. The notion of music, cited in the name of each creation, represents the fil rouge of the collection.

Each item is created with the utmost attention to eco-sustainability thanks to the use of recyclable and biodegradable materials, including circular fabrics and recycled cashmere that allows an environmental impact five times lower than normal cashmere.

Gloria Creations


Gloria Creations is a small tailoring company that produces entirely Made-in-Italy items. Behind the brand lies the founder’s great love for fashion, as she comments: “I like to celebrate women who are aware, sophisticated, fascinating, informal, funny and sexy. Women with strong characters, who are not slaves to fashion but instead know how to interpret it, becoming the true stars. This is where I got my idea of making tailored outfits after a lot of widespread research and study of materials, each of which has its own story. I want every woman to feel safe, protected and successful in my clothes.


“Bluetiful” is a play on the word “beautiful”, and perfectly reflects this brand’s spirit: playing down classic beauty for a more eclectic and iconic version. The brand proposes an experimental look with headbands and collars, at a crossroads between fashion and design: “We have a modern approach, aimed at creating cult items that enhance every outfit. This is why we design and produce items to wear in a layered and high-quality look, which can be loved season after season. We always try to create flexible styles that merge naturally with the habits and feelings of the person wearing the accessories. It's a contemporary and authentic brand that can be appreciated by all age groups. Every product is hand-made in Italy, in an ethical working environment.



A.Bocca represents a new chapter in a journey made of experience and passion in the footwear industry. Since it was founded in 2019, it has stood out for being both modern and retro at the same time. The brand evokes a sense of freedom and identity, with close attention to detail and quality, without ever losing any of its charm or emotional impact. The products are 100% Made-in-Italy and use shapes and symbols that add to the uniqueness of the design.

A.Bocca is aimed at women who like to play with their style without showing off, who are in search of something more personal that can reflect their own nature.



This brand of handmade jewellery is all-Italian in its design. Neat and minimal shapes, soft movements and bright textures are key elements of the jewellery created by designer and maker Elisa Santuliana. Piqué embodies precise design research, for results that are extremely modern from aesthetic and structural points of view, along with an underlying softness that emerges from a melancholic atmosphere and retro details and references.

The latest collection, Echoes, is the echo of a vibration that originated in the 1980s and comes to us in the form of reminiscence. The materials used in this jewellery further increase its value: ethnic and eco-sustainable gold and silver, guaranteed by the Fairmined certification.
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