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7th edition of DaTE ready to open

July 11 2019

DaTE, the event dedicated to avant-garde eyewear, opens Saturday, September 21st at the Leopolda of Firenze exhibition center.

In a return to “the origins”, to the Eastern inspiration behind the name of the show, several exhibit areas – Yin, Yang, Tao and Zen – have been redefined for the 7th edition. In fact, DA-TE is a Japanese movement that, translated, means “trendy eyewear, without prescription”. Asian young people wear glasses because they are cool and they want to make a fashion statement, not because they need vision correction.

The 7th edition journeys along the path of Eastern philosophy, offering a new roadmap, from Zen intuition to the simplicity and strength of the Tao, to the energy and balance of Yin and Yang.

DaTE, indeed, encompasses different inner worlds – personality, identity and ways of perceiving an exceptionally innovative design object. It stakes its claim as a source of inspiration for a different vision of the world of eyewear.

Again this year, the exhibitors who will fill the halls of the Leopolda were carefully selected from companies all around the globe – from the US to Japan, by way of Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Russia, the UK, Spain, Portugal, France and, of course, Italy.

Admission to DaTE is free of charge and open only to industry professionals and the press. Registration is required. For accreditation, go to www.dateyewear.com where you’ll find a completely revamped graphic interface.

DaTE is open Saturday September 21st and Sunday 22nd from 10 - 7; and Monday September 23rd from 10 - 5.

The official hashtags are #dateyewear2019 and #shapingavantgarde

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/dateyewear/  

Facebook https://it-it.facebook.com/DateEyewearOfficial/

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