A coloured DNA

February 10 2016
Since 2001 Etnia Barcelona has been active on the international marketplace. WMIDO met with David Pellicer, CEO of the brand. DNA-a-colori_wmido_2Can you please describe the worldwide structure of your company? How is it organized? Our global headquarters is in Barcelona, and we have a USA subsidiary in Miami and one in Vancouver, Canada. We also own some organizations worldwide, based on our European success story. Our global position in Barcelona is working closely with all subsidiaries. What about your latest economic results? Which are the main markets? We have recorded a 30% increase every year and our main markets are Europe and North America. This increase can be credited to existing countries and new openings in the Middle East, LATAM, Eastern Europe, and Africa. What does MIDO represent for your company? It is one of the most important trade fairs for connecting with the entire world of optics. It’s a fantastic fair for meeting existing clients and partners with a very strong international attendance to build business extensions all over the world. What will you present at the fair? We will launch our brand new Originals Collection, consisting of both optical and sunglasses models (both metal and acetate). This collection reinforces the attributes of Etnia Barcelona: original frames for maximum expression with the most advanced application of colour and a singular quality that we are able to offer, thanks to Etnia’s own production process. We will also show new models of the Vintage Collection, a tribute to independent culture, a collection that combines original acetates and 70’s lenses with our DNA: colour. The shapes of iconic models are re-edited with our ethnic print on their designs, creating our own Vintage, an Indie Vintage. And as a special preview, Etnia Barcelona, which takes its inspiration from cultural movements, will present its new collection, in homage to artist Jean Michel Basquiat. This collection transmits the transgressive, powerful, and emotional aspects of this artist’s work, because he was one of the most important figures in the culture and art of today. What are your forecasts for this edition? More than forecasts, we are always intent on guaranteeing an amazing brand experience in our booth, presenting new products in a pure Etnia Barcelona spirit to welcome our clients, partners and everyone would like to work with us.
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