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A complete concept of sustainability.

May 16 2022

Manila hemp, palm leaves, raffia palms, linen, silk, wool, cashmere. A passion for natural elements and love of traditional craftsmanship are at the heart of the new CMO 2022 collection by Élitis. These fibres are woven and stretched on hand looms, by artisans who carry on ancient traditions, which are passed down through the generations.

With this collection, the brand focuses on respect for the eco-system, where plants are grown and harvested to supply the natural fibre. In fact, these are plants that play a specific role in their habitat: for example, they contribute to maintaining biodiversity, they support soil health and offer shelter for birds. Irresponsible use of these plants poses a threat to the health and characteristics of the natural areas where they are cultivated. This is why only species that can be used in a sustainable way are selected, guaranteeing quick regrowth and non-invasive cutting. Thus, nothing has been altered from the traditional artisan methods of centuries ago, with raw materials being used to nourish local economies while preserving nature.

The idea of sustainability materialises also in the preservation of traditional craftsmanship, a virtuous player in terms of the environment. This is why CMO works to protect the rarest products that arrive from remote villages, using particular plant-based fibres along with artisan methods of yesteryear, which are often passed on from one generation to the next. From nature to the artisan, who uses strictly manual methods to process the ingredients. This is the “short supply chain” that the fibre undergoes before being subject to hours of processing, when the artisan uses all his/her know-how in working the fabric, which often takes a full day of work. After all, nature requires patience, a virtue that marks out the profession of spinning the fabric, of twisting, weaving or braiding the yarns.
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