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A new concept for talking about light through everyday life

May 20 2020

Seventeen homes and their inhabitants and five different cities on three continents were depicted by Gianluca Vassallo and described by writer Flavio Soriga for the project by Foscarini: Vite (Lives).

A new perspective, an updated point of view, an evolution in the way the company presents itself with respect to its products. Vite is the desire to focus on people, to talk about light by starting not with the lamp -who designed, developed or made it -but with those who live with it in their most intimate space: their home.

The lens and the story focus on people while the eyes are allowed to wander freely in intimate, real and therefore imperfect environments. Not meticulous photographic sets but everyday, lived-in homes that are an intimate description of the people who live there.

The words of Carlo Urbinati: “People who have very patiently opened up to us their spaces, their lives, where Foscarini entered on tiptoe”, commented Carlo Urbinati, President of Foscarini. “What changes is the point of view: the choice of position for shooting the scene which, as Antonioni taught, is a moral choice that conveys where you put yourself, how you see yourself in the world, from what point you see the world.In this project the product is no longer in the centre, because people are in the centre. It is a change of focus, a declaration of principle. The choice is made by people and we would like to be a part of their panorama of emotions, the panorama of theirhome.”

A genuine relationship What is fundamental is the genuine relationship that was created first between Vassallo and the protagonists of Vite, and then between them and Soriga, who returned to those locations to convey in a very personal style of writing the different sense of home, their relationship with the city in which they live, each in a different light: the light of the North, the South, the East and the West.

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