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A project for Billionaire Boys Club and Italia Independent

January 30 2018

Billionaire Boys Club and Italia Independent have announced a licensing agreement for the production and distribution of co-branded clothing and eyewear. The collection will be unveiled in June 2018.
The fashion and lifestyle brand founded by Lapo Elkann and the premium streetwear brand by musician, record producer, entrepreneur and fashion designer Pharrell Williams are rolling out a project with a high stylistic content that speaks to the DNA and philosophy of the two companies.
"We are all very excited to enter this new chapter of eyewear with Billionaire Boys Club and Italia Independent. Lapo and I have been friends for years so I’m glad we finally get to work together on this project," stated Pharrell Williams, founder of Billionaire Boys Club.
“I am proud to announce this union with Billionaire Boys Club. I have the greatest respect for the work of my friend Pharrell because it tells a story that goes beyond the simple sale of clothing: it’s a club of people united by determination, love and enthusiasm for what they do, which are values that have also driven Italia Independent for ten years. The two creative teams will work with great empathy to create a collection that will offer the market cool and highly desirable products, in line with the quality criteria that drive the two companies,” said Lapo Elkann, founder and Artistic Director of Italia Independent.
“I am sure that this partnership, created for the global market, will offer our customers a unique experience thanks to the constant propensity towards research and innovation that distinguishes both companies. The union with Billionaire Boys Club confirms Italia Independent’s ability to attract avant-garde streetwear brands and affirms the validity of our business model which, supported by prestigious partnerships, makes Italia Independent an all-round brand,” declared Giovanni Carlino, CEO of Italia Independent.

(Ph. From left to right: Pharrell Williams; Lapo Elkan © Giovanni Gastel for Rolling Stone)

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