WMIDO - Milano Eyewear Show - February 4-5-6 - 2023

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February 21 2022

Seletti, an Italian figurative design brand known for its ironic, irreverent and unconventional spirit, presents itself on the market with the Cut 'N Paste collection imagined by Dutch designer Annebet Philips as a wide family of objects: candelabra, lamps, clock, mirror, frames and shelves.

Made entirely of recycled cardboard and tape, the project is in keeping with the designer's work known for its bold shapes, unexpected elements and bold graphic tone.

"These materials, often used in design for prototyping, are great for the final result," says Annebet Philips. "In fact, thanks to the cardboard, the products are light, the lamps hang and position easily, while the adhesive tape creates a contrast that gives rise to a strong and decisive aesthetic. Finally, an epoxy resin finish gives the objects stability and durability".

Conceived by Philips as a limited edition, Cut 'N Paste products become thanks to Seletti an unlimited edition accessible to everyone, confirming the philosophy and democratic approach of the brand.
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