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APX lenses for Intercast

November 14 2006

The APX™ trademark identifies the nylon lenses by Intercast , the undisputed benchmark for the world eyewear market which Intercast Europe is targeting in 2007 with a major campaign aimed at maximizing attention to this successful product.

Thanks to the advantages of stress-cracking resistance and quality characteristics in the self-colored, shaded and two-color versions, APX™ lenses are now one of the products that are most appreciated by the world eyewear industry. Ahead of time, Intercast introduced the APX™ lenses to the market in 1997 and built up a successful business by studying and creating new products aimed at solving the function and quality problems that emerged following new design concepts for fashion and sports eyewear.

Quality and innovation are still the key points of Intercast's product strategy: even after the acquisition by American multinational PPG Industries - the world leader for the production of optic resins in the ophthalmic sector and for the supply of specialist and industrial chemical products, coatings, plano and processed glass, and glass fiber - the group's technology and production synergies aim at consolidating the Parma company's important position on the market.

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