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Al and Ro will present its latest products at Mido

February 12 2013
Spotlight on multilayer lenses and the Kids line Al e Ro Design never ceases to amaze: after creating cool action drop and square eyewear models in non-allergic, brightly colored rubber, and proposing two types of lenses, mirrored and smoky, it is now launching two very important products: multilayer lenses and the KIDS line.   The special feature of the multilayer lenses is the "Flash Green" and "Flash Orange" mirroring methods, which add refinement as well as protection because they have been designed especially for particular light conditions. They reduce the perception of the luminous band that strikes the eye when light is reflected from snow, ice or clouds and also increase depth of vision and optimize peripheral vision, making them ideal for all outdoor sports! Al e Ro Design's multilayer lenses eyewear is the best product for people who like to enjoy their passion for sport in total comfort, thanks to safe vision and quality. Naturally, as always with Al e Ro Design, you'll be spoilt for the choice of colors! The drop model comes in ten hues, including transparent pink, military green, aviation blue, lime, beige, ice, mother-of-pearl white and dark brown, and the square model in seven: cobalt blue, coral pink, red, light blue, beige, black and lime.   Absolutely new products are dedicated to children: the KIDS line! Its "mini" drop model joins the extensive Al e Ro Design family to put a smile of the faces of children from 3 to 13. The 12 colors include light blue, coral pink, orange and apple green.   Once again, Al e Ro Design has demonstrated its rare ability to follow trends without forgetting the importance of wellbeing and practicality ... with an eye to the adults of tomorrow!
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