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Alain Miklitarian is back with a collection produced in partnership with Danshari: Dansharian.

March 21 2022

Dansharian arrives on the market, the new brand that brings together the simplicity of Danshari and the brilliance of cutting edge eyewear guru: Alain Miklitarian. The claim chosen to represent this union is in fact a concise summary of these two worlds: minimalism meets genius.

The name Dansharian also highlights the pairing, as the designer explains: “the suffix IAN in my country Armenia stands for son of.... So Dansharian means son of Danshari. It’s been ten years since ‘I turned over the page and stopped designing glasses: starting to create again was complicated... but I’ve rediscovered the passion for it! Behind the creation of a brand exists a need to express your emotions, through an idea that has to be defended and proposed, but never imposed. This is how the first collection has emerged, combining minimalism, Japanese technology and my own style, representing a true journey into Armenia. I hope that when you have seen the collection, you will want to visit this beautiful country.

The collection comprises seven models - six eyeglasses and one sunglasses. Two eyeglasses and the sunglasses are Limited Edition models, in two colours and with a run of just 222 pieces. The other four models of frames are available in three colours.

The names of the models

Alain Miklitarian has chosen to name the models after some of his favourite places: GOSH, a sheltered village 1200 m up a hillside with a 12th century monastery; GARNI, a small town with 7,000 inhabitants, with a temple and Roman thermal baths, green gorges and a basalt canyon; ARENI, where you can enjoy some Armenian wine; TACHIR, an ancient royal city; GORIS and its landscapes that take us back to the beginning of time; ARZNI with its hot springs, and SEVAN with the magnificent lake that evaporates every year.

The shapes

The choice of shapes mirrors the nonconformist vision of Alain Miklitarian, his position above and beyond as well as (why not) ahead of current trends. The frames are sober, classic, with sculpted volumes and corners.

The temples: a technological jewel

The temples represent the crowning glory of Alain Miklitarian’s genius and Japanese technology: created with the complex process of double lamination, they combine acetate with coloured titanium to capture light discreetly and elegantly.

The temples close perfectly, without any tension or contortion in overlapping, thanks to a particular combination of thickness and length offered by the globally unique patented FTS (Flat Temple System).

The colours

The fil rouge in the choice of colours comes from the Armenian nature, climate and culture. These shades blend naturally with lavender, gold, glazes and colours of the earth: neon green with rusty reds, greys with blacks and champagne hues, a dive into colourful Armenian culture.

This collection features sober colours for every day with flashes of colour that express a joy for life. Black and white, the perfection of purity, with waves decorating the temples and front frames.

The packaging

Also in the case, brilliance and simplicity blend together: a bag in black leather with red interior equipped with a double zip (one at the top and one on front) that transforms it into an elegant purse for glasses and other items such as a mobile phone and keys.

The case is enclosed in a high-quality paper box.

The communication campaign

A new campaign was created for the launch of this collection, comprising two concepts: one with the image on the right of the nape of Danshari founder, Giuseppe La Boria, wearing the glasses, and the face of Alain Miklitarian on the left, for the first time without glasses; the other concept is a simple red egg, the simplest and most perfect shape that exists in nature, so perfect that it can stay balanced if it finds the right position: it seems impossible in theory but if the weights are right and you are patient enough, it is possible. In Armenia, the red egg is an Easter tradition, representing the blood of Christ which was shed to allow mankind to survive, but also a symbol of good luck, prosperity and perfection. The colour red represents joyfulness and beauty.

The distribution

The collection will use the same distribution channels as the Danshari brand: selected independent eyewear stores. “Founded just two years ago, Danshari currently has 340 active customers” declared La Boria.

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