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And this year, once again, Eyesway is off on vacation

July 30 2008

Here comes August, the month of sun and beach umbrellas, sea and mountain, the vacation month. And while the European cities shut down for their 'annual holiday', Eyesway is taking a break as well. We'll be back in September with a little bit of a tan, a little bit refreshed and ready to start again, because there's an exciting autumn season ahead.

Over the coming months, Eyesway will be making some changes in order to offer a thoroughly up-to-date type of production to meet the needs of those operating in the sector and attract the curious...

For the moment, we'll just say that in September, Eyesway will be presenting the results of the first survey regarding the changes made in the international fairs calendar.

But all that takes place after the summer, let's think about our month of rest for the moment. Do we deserve it? Well, we think so! And we're taking it anyway. Have a good holiday everybody, and see you on the 1st September!

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