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andy wolf

Andy Wolf and I Visionari launch a capsule collection.

January 16 2023

Andy Wolf and the independent Florence-based eyewear store I Visionari have created a joint capsule collection of four limited edition sunglasses.

The collection was inspired by the concept of walking, following a path in nature, through landscapes, in contact with the universe. The concept of walking as a spiritual path to know ourselves better, and to understand our own wishes and desires for the future, was one of the central starting points in the design process. The shapes, the colors and some details come from the observation of nature and the personal universe that everyone encloses within themselves. They tell of fantasies, memories and dreams.

The collaboration consists of two pairs of sunglasses, each available in two colors. The glasses are made of acetate with an inset metal inner ring that accentuates the lens shape and turns the frame into a three-dimensional object. Both models are equipped with high-quality ZEISS sun lenses.

The Infinity unisex sunglasses are a sporty aviator. The shape is inspired by classic ski goggles, the name by the infinity of possibilities.

Call me in 20 years is the feminine partner - a soft rectangle in colors from nature. The name promises a time when you can still call someone in 20 years.
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