Arsenik: differentiation is the winning choice

April 6 2009

Looking for space in new markets, beginning with Japan, and proposing high-quality production that can be differentiated. This is the strategy that Furio Algeri of Arsenik thinks will be a decisive one for coping with the global crisis. He and his company demonstrated it at the recent Mido exhibition.

"These times are not easy for anyone” Algeri said. “We are looking for alternatives in new markets, such as Japan, and we’re trying to propose different products that will set us apart from our competitors".

What projects does your company have? "Our projects involve opening new markets. We’re a young company, the “Arsenik” brand was created only three years ago, and we are trying to create a concept that is different to our competitors’ and gives our customers added value".

As to the new ideas presented at Mido, Algeri explained that "in an increasingly dynamic and constantly changing world of sport which is continually searching for innovative materials that will optimize performance, we took the opportunity at Mido to present the new Arsenik concept with a stand that expressed the essence of the new Arsenik philosophy. In other words, a top-quality technical image that is also dynamic, like our team".

Its presence at the Milan fair was also to "make new contacts, acquire new customers by offering this type of image and concept. I have to say”, he underscored, “that we’ve already had considerable positive feedback". The change in Mido dates was not particularly worrying. "The earlier date just meant that we had less time to prepare everything so we had to do it more quickly".

Because of its production characteristics, Arsenik is in agreement about using testimonials, a subject that has come under a fair amount of discussion in the sector. "Yes, our company already uses testimonials and it’s a successful choice for our products. The Alpine sports team, four athletes who will be at the Winter Olympics in Vancouver 2010, and many others are already using our products".


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