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Asnav is 50 years old

May 27 2004

On May 24 Asnav (Association Nationale pour l'Amélioration de la Vue) celebrated its 50th birthday.

During the ceremony, the chairman Bertrand Roy talked about the numerous initiatives that the association carried through over these 50 years, focusing on two main themes in particular: children's sight, with training periods for health and teaching personnel and the partnership with the 'Lire et faire lire' (read and reading) association, and the sight of car drivers, with information campaigns and eyesight tests carried out on French roads in collaboration with the Prévention Routière and Sécurité Routière associations.

Roy also spoke of the Association's upcoming initiatives, including:
- the creation of a national sight day on October 14, which will involve all French people, but children and adolescents in particular;
- the launch of the new slogan 'A l'école, la vue, c'est l'avenir' (at school, sight is the future), aimed at raising awareness amongst parents and teachers about the importance of good eyesight to school-age children, with the hope that it will be as much of a success as the slogan created in 1962 'Au volant, la vue c'est la vie' (behind the wheel, sight is vital);
- actions addressed to general medical practitioners regarding car driving and children;
- increased support for local initiatives and the continuance of the actions already carried out.

(Source: Acuité)

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