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At MIDO 2023, Original Vintage Sunglasses offered a worldwide preview of its Gemini project.

April 6 2023

Gemini glasses represent another step in a development process by Original Vintage Sunglasses, as well as a unique statement of its renewed ties with the Campania region. Gemini is not simply a pair of glasses; it is a new concept that blends eyewear and jewellery, putting interaction with the end user at the forefront.

ORIGINAL VINTAGE SUNGLASSES reinforces ties with the region

In recent years, the Campania brand has put together a series of collections that highlight, in an eclectic way, the multi-faceted character of the region, at times celebrating its beauty and craftsmanship while at others poking fun at some of its less desirable aspects. Gemini also marks the first partnership with another Neapolitan company, which shares the concept of a customised product: BOULON.

What is BOULON

BOULON is a jewellery brand that has created an innovative system of interchangeable accessories, characterised by the use of precious bolts that can be removed and reassembled on all the brand’s products. Thanks to this concept, customers can personalise the jewellery. Gemini sets out to merge two worlds, thereby highlighting the souls of the two companies.

Information on Gemini

The owner and founder of the brand, Ciro Lago, and the designer Ernesto Gravante told us how this project came about: “Already with the Naples collection (characterised by the chain-holder logo) we started to explore possible interaction between the eyewear and accessories worlds, but it was with Prochyta (a model that stands out for its real cameos embedded in the temples) that we first teamed up with the jewellery world. And it was when this was completed that we thought about how satisfying it would be if we could give customers the chance not only to wear those jewellery items on glasses, but also to wear them separately. So, after Prochyta, we set to work on a way to do this in a new project and that’s where we came across BOULON. What we found interesting was the fact that this brand’s jewellery elements were all compatible with each other, and so offered an even higher value to our idea of product wearability”.

The meeting with jeweller Mimmo Rocco

The collaboration was enthusiastically greeted by the jewellery creator, Mimmo Rocco, who explains: “The proposal by ORIGINAL VINTAGE SUNGLASSES appealed to me immediately because we share the same production and planning values, creating customer-tailored items. Also, the idea of this collaborative project perfectly matched my concept of a collection, where every single item is part of a larger system in which it interacts, and wherein it can easily transform thanks to a jewellery-bolt that represents the bond between them”.

The meaning of Gemini

The desire to collaborate is also clearly defined in the name: in fact, Gemini refers to the twinning between the two companies’ collections. To consolidate this union, a special logo was created combining the two brand logos, beautifully displayed on one of the bolts on the eyewear temples.

An elegant box holds all the collection items: the glasses, case and bracelet

The result of this partnership is high quality, presented in an elegant box covered in faux leather which contains not only the glasses but also the Neapolitan hand-made leather case created specifically for this project, and a bracelet with the three iconic bolts embedded with gems in the colours of the Italian flag.

The bracelet is just as essential a part of the project as the glasses, because the bolts can be interchanged between the two items. To round off, there is the must-have torque, a small tool that allows you to correctly fasten on the bolts.

The design features

The glasses and bracelet share a monolithic and angular design featuring conspicuous facets that recall the shape of the bolts, underlining the main theme of the project. The result is a high-impact aesthetic effect where the jewel-bolts that enhance the temples are clearly highlighted.

The style is “underground” and the shapes are designed to be extremely wearable for both men and women. All the bolts are 24-carat gold-plated, as are the metal parts to which they are attached. Much attention has been paid to the choice of materials and finishing details: the bracelet strap is made of high-quality leather, while the glasses are in black acetate with ivory-coloured details that emphasise their elegance and refinement.
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