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Blockchain conquers the furnishing industry.

August 25 2022

To enhance the uniqueness of the products, along with its high production quality and materials, Savio Firmino has activated a process that allows each item to be equipped with a timeless certificate of uniqueness and originality. based on Blockchain technology. Having launched the first Blockchain-certified furnishing product during the SUPERSALONE of 2021, becoming then the first NFT of the brand’s collection, it now extends this technology to the entire production and collection.

The advantages of Blockchain technology in furnishing

The application of this technology to the furnishing industry, particularly to the manufacturing process, allows consumers to buy a real timeless guarantee that follows the life cycle of the product, tracking its history from design, to retail, and right up to any eventual market withdrawal.

Blockchain technology, as conceived by Savio Firmino, can become a new tool of Industry 4.0, promoting transparent methods of measurement, monitoring and review. A concrete aid to prolong the life and regeneration of a product: solutions to combat climate change and global warming, representing a change in production systems to protect the environment.

The main features of blockchain technology, when applied to furnishing/wood - decentralisation, transparency and traceability - respond perfectly to guidelines established by the Paris Agreement, and can help create a world in alignment with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the U.N.
Wood, given its excellent characteristics in terms of aesthetics, quality and durability, is the perfect material for the production of furniture and furnishing. While the trends of recent years have focused more on plastics and metals, a renewed demand for sustainability has brought attention back to renewable materials and eco-friendly resources.

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