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Bollé offers the possibility of virtually trying out the new Phantom lens.

July 1 2020

Bollé is revolutionising the way of trying out and buying eyewear by offering an exclusive contactless experience. By means of an AR filter, users can experiment with the latest Phantom lens technology by Bollé in their actual surroundings.

The result of a collaboration with Qreal and M7 Innovations, the AR filter by Bollé is an innovative addition in the sunglasses industry. Via Instagram, users can try out seeing through a Phantom lens by virtually wearing the brand’s latest iconic model: Chronoshield. After seeing the glasses on their face, users simply flip their camera from selfie-view to front-facing to see the surrounding environment through the Phantom lens chosen. Users can then experiment with the eyewear’s various effects, such as the high-contrast and photochromic filter and the anti-fog coating. Once the model and lens have been chosen, users can easily find a Bollé retailer.

Thanks to the AR filter, users can try out the unique features of Phantom lenses by Bollé in a variety of contexts, such as skiing in spring, cycling, racing and other sports. The following technologies can be tested: Photochromic filter: a scrolling option allows personal exposure in the environment to be modified or to lighten or darken the lens, so that the Phantom lens molecular photochromic filter can be tried out in real time; Platinum anti-fog coating: the user’s vision starts to go out of focus, simulating fogging caused by perspiration during sport. Condensation forms outside the eyewear, but vision remains crystal-clear, thereby simulating Bollé anti-fog coating; The Phantom lens high-contrast filter allows the user to experiment with better colour perception while maintaining a natural view of the landscape and depth.

The declaration by Louis Cisti, VP Global Marketing of Bollé Brands

AR is routinely used for garment try-on and certainly enhances the buying experience. But AR for try-out, this is a first,” said Louis Cisti, VP Global Marketing of Bollé Brands. “Bollé recognises that safety is now the most important thing in retail sales. When buying, consumers minimise physical interaction. However, when it comes to buying premium sunglasses, expectations are high and you want to see the product’s tangible benefits. This is where the Bollé AR filter comes into play: shoppers get to see perceivable performance benefits before making a purchase,” he concluded.

The Chronoshield model

During this augmented reality experience, users can wear the Chronoshield model by Bollé, based on the brand’s iconic shape from the 1980s. The Chronoshield model has an extra-wide field of view for greater visual comfort and protection from external elements like wind or dust. Venting ensures the lenses never fog up and the adjustable Thermogrip nose and end pieces give a custom fit while making sure they stay in place.

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