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British label EYE Respect expands distribution into Europe.

August 4 2021

The British heritage-style independent label EYE Respect, created by Jonathan van Blerk in 2010 is expanding distribution of its ophthalmic and sunglasses collection to opticians across Europe.

Until now, the label has focused mainly on the UK market and its vast celebrity clientele.

The brand’s new focus is on the European territories – and particularly Scandinavia, France, Italy and Spain – is part of a new re-structuring of its sales force at the company since it joined The GLBL Eyewear Group in 2020.

The brand has also established a new HQ in Monaco, on the French Riviera, giving instant access to mainland Europe.

“The EYE Respect collection continues to do well in the UK. We have a good number of strong accounts across the country, who have been fans from day 1,” says Jonathan Van Blerk, Founder of the brand and The GLBL Eyewear Group. “

It’s only natural that we should therefore extend the availability of this line to eyecare practitioners across Europe.

The quality to price ratio has always been a huge factor for the success of this easy-to-wear and timeless range and we believe that the combination of honest and affordable pricing and attention to quality in each product will ensure that we can drive sales and leverage new opportunities going forward”.

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