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Cecop counts more than 400 members

October 16 2009

Cecop attained an important objective and consolidated its position in the panorama of groups in Italy, a steady positive trend that has led the number of members to total more than four hundred.

Increasingly competitive procurement conditions, customised service for each individual member that includes specialised marketing and communications services, and a qualified staff in all areas contribute to making Cecop’s offer more and more interesting and profitable for independent Italian opticians, allowing them to reach this important objective.

According to Bernhard van Ommen, Cecop Sales Manager in Italy: “The basis of this overwhelming success is not only made of international experience and competitive offers, but is due also and above all to the philosophy of a group that truly respects the opticians freedom of management; this is demonstrated by the flexibility of the membership conditions signed by our members and a contract that is totally transparent.”

In order to offer members a service worthy of the dimensions and characteristics the group has now attained, even in Italy, Cecop has adopted various measures aimed to increase efficiency; an important commitment of human resources, not only concerning the sales structure, which now covers the entire territory, but also in terms of available staff at the central headquarters, which has been reinforced with new professional figures.

Recently, the Cecop team transferred to its new offices in Pogliano Milanese, a bigger and more functional site from a logistical point of view.

So the internal structure of Cecop is stronger, the number of members is growing, the advantages of being part of the leading international procurement group are more enticing – a group that today more then ever, also as a member of Assogruppi, represents an increasingly powerful presence in the Italian optics sector.


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