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Cidi’s ‘Made in Italy’ product line is focusing on protection.

July 3 2020

Cidi, the long-established company of Segusino (TV), has also set out to convert its production line. Following the launch of protective eyewear to defend against the Covid-19 virus, the company will now introduce a protective visor in the next few days. The project is accompanied by a donation initiative.

In this interview, Fabio Coppe, owner of Cidi, along with his sister Valeria and his brother Roberto, tells us about this latest news and the future of the company.

How is the reopening going?
The situation is quite positive. There are no huge orders but our customers are focusing on the new collections and plan to continue buying them also in the future. Our older collections have, however, lost momentum.

Which countries are you working with?
Our market is mainly based in Europe and Italy, regarding both our own brands and our work as third-party suppliers.

What does the market demand in this particular moment?
We are working on sunglasses and sun protection. As regards our work as third-party suppliers, the big brands ask us for women’s collections, especially those that have big frames with ultra-fine thickness.
Our brands focus on prescription glasses and our collections are welcomed as they are, without any particular requests by customers.

How has your production changed with the arrival of Covid-19?
We thought about how we could make a contribution to the fight against the Covid-19 virus and we did what we do best: glasses. We integrated our production line with protective glasses which were awarded EN 166-2001 certification, guaranteeing safety and protective qualities. 
The frames are produced in Grilamid TR90. We also designed a frame that is both resistant and comfortable to wear, even for many hours. Thanks to the rubber nosepiece that adapts to the shape of the face, and their lightness (they only weigh 24 grammes), these glasses wrap around for maximum protection and are comfortable to wear. 
The lenses are produced in 2mm polycarbonate for maximum impact resistance, and also guarantee protection against harmful UV rays. It is also possible to sterilise the glasses in an autoclave or by gamma radiation.
1,000 units have been donated to local hospitals and those in the province of Bergamo, the Municipality of Segusino, the Civil Defence, and the Province of Treviso.
We are also working on a visor, to be launched in the next few days, which will be certified by Certottica.

Are the glasses ‘Made-in-Italy’ items?
Absolutely, of course!

How important is it to support ‘Made-in-Italy’ products at the moment?

Extremely important, it’s always been part of our philosophy. For 40 years we have been promoting and believing in the ‘Made-in-Italy’ concept, which represents added value that is recognised globally.

Will you be at MIDO 2021? Do you already have some type of plan?

Absolutely, of course! We will be taking these protective glasses, the visor and the new 3momi collection.

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