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Company merger between Omisan farmaceutici S.r.l. and Optosan Italia S.r.l.

August 4 2021

Omisan farmaceutici, an Italian company that has manufactured sterile medical devices for eyecare and contact lenses for over 20 years, has successfully completed a merger deal to take over Optosan Italia, a company specialising in the distribution and retailing of high quality ophthalmic products, with a revenue of over 6.5 million euro.

Due to a company restructuring carried out as part of the merger, optimised management of resources has been achieved along with an improved economic-financial flow of activity which was previously divided between the two companies. A vertical integration has now been completed, which manages the entire finished product process from the manufacturing plant of Omisan farmaceutici directly to the final retailer, all in accordance with ISO quality standards.

To complete this merger, significant measures were taken to eliminate duplicate or overlapping company and administrative processes, thus reducing the working costs of the two original businesses which have now become one.

The process of restructuring has led to a new business group operating in over 50 countries worldwide with a turnover of more than 25 mln euro and 120 employees in Europe.

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