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CooperVision’s Brilliant Futures Myopia Management Program expands globally.

November 16 2020

Less than a year after debuting its Brilliant Futures Myopia Management Program featuring the MiSight 1 day contact lens in the United States, CooperVision is now expanding the comprehensive approach to multiple countries, including the United Kingdom, Russia, Spain, Portugal, Canada, South Korea, and Taiwan.

This seeks to create a new standard of care by creating the optimal environment for compliance, satisfaction, clinical outcomes and long-term loyalty.

Brilliant Future has attracted robust participation during its selective U.S. rollout, with more than 1,500 eye care professionals now certified to fit MiSight 1 day.

The innovative lens is the first and only soft contact lens the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved* for slowing the progression of myopia in children, who at initiation of treatment are 8-12 years of age.

During the past several weeks, a nationwide parent-focused advertising campaign featuring entrepreneur and actress Sarah Michelle Gellar—believed to be possibly the world’s largest-ever consumer myopia management awareness initiative—further accelerated adoption.

Complementing that success, Brilliant Futures is now coming to countries where MiSight 1 day has been previously available, such as the United Kingdom in October. The program will also be introduced this month in Spain and Portugal, which are current MiSight 1 day markets.

In Canada, where MiSight 1 day prescribing has steadily grown in recent years, the Brilliant Futures program became available two weeks ago.

Likewise, the program is launching in countries concurrent with the first availability of MiSight 1 day. In Russia, this coincides with MiSight 1 day’s new approval as a therapeutic contact lens and includes ECP-focused digital media and virtual events that began in late October. The lens is newly approved in South Korea for slowing myopia progression, with the program launch commencing this November.

Brilliant Futures was unveiled in Taiwan in late September, where MiSight 1 day has become the first Taiwan Food and Drug Administration-approved product to control the progression of myopia in children.

In China, myopia has increased at a significant rate in recent years. In mid-October, the Center for Medical Device Evaluation of China’s National Medical Products Administration (NMPA) granted priority review status to CooperVision’s MiSight 1 day approval submission. In addition to ensuring faster evaluation of the application, the priority status provides more opportunities for company representatives to interact with the medical experts assessing MiSight 1 day’s safety and efficacy data.

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