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Danshari to debut at MIDO 2020

December 30 2019

"The fine art of minimalism": this claim contains the most authentic essence of Danshari, the eyewear brand Made in Japan that will officially present its first collection at MIDO 2020.

Minimalism, elegance and high quality are the distinctive features of the brand, whose name comes from Zen thought and evokes a deep philosophical meaning. The three ideograms that make up the word Danshari, in fact, indicate the rejection of ostentation, the abandonment of excess and the liberation from all that is not essential. And it is here that Danshari's brand philosophy must be traced: in the return to the only true desire of man, that of beauty and the essential, to leave out the fake material needs that the consumer society leads us to pursue in vain, moving away from happiness.

Thanks to thirty years of experience and a deep technical knowledge, the brand offers refined glasses in acetate and pure Japanese titanium, able to reconcile the consumer with the natural need for simplicity, aesthetic pleasure and durability. Danshari's high manufacturing quality transforms a rigorous, minimalist and timeless design into a true masterpiece of technology and sophistication. The glasses are designed to last and to satisfy the real needs of the consumer through the attention to every detail.

The logo expresses in an essential and creative way the philosophy of the brand. The character chosen to identify the brand is inspired by ancient engravings to convey minimalism and power in its absolute elegance. At the same time, the red dot, positioned in the logo inside the upper part of the R, pays homage to the Japanese national flag.

Danshari was created as a vision collection and is aimed at high-profile independent opticians. Giuseppe La Boria, founder and CEO of the company, comments: "We are really excited about this project, which aims to offer a really different eyewear product thanks to the uniqueness of the message it contains. In the society of mass homologation there are more and more consumers who are looking for beautiful, functional and quality accessories, rather than trendy, and it is on this renewed desire for essentiality that Danshari leverages".

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