Dieci designer per celebrare i 10 anni di W-Eye

August 4 2021

Ten years of being in business marks an important moment in a brand’s history.

But it’s even more than that for a brand like W-Eye, which invented a new product category: hingeless eyewear made of wood and aluminum. It’s not a given that the market will understand the value of a radically new product, especially when it is offered not by awell-known multi-national company but rather by a small, family business. However, thanks to the combination of innovation + design, it happened.

To celebrata its 10th anniversary, the company has created W-Eye Ten –Italian design collection; it is a celebration of a successful entrepreneurial gamble: one made by Doriano Mattellone and his sons (for decades subcontractors in the furniture sector for top international design brands) and Matteo Ragni, the Art Director of W-Eye since its inception. However, W-Eye Ten –Italian design collection is also a cultural and experimental gesture, emblematic of a design method in which innovation is born out of a mix of expertise, intuition and connections between people from different worlds.


Matteo Ragni

Innovation driven by the “human factor” of the Mattellone family and Matteo Ragni.There’s also a “human factor” in the eyewear that the designers created, using the molded “mask” as a starting point from which to say something about themselves and to tell stories. It transforms design from an individual act into a collective one. In interpreting a product as a personal story, but one able to become universal, we find in W-Eye Ten –Italian design collection the creative strength of contemporary Italian design.

A project that leverages collaboration, sharing and presenting stories. This isn’t the storytelling of the marketing world but rather authentic stories, lenses through which we can see not only the product’s creators, but also ourselves, the people who use them. The perfect way to reawaken our respect for objects in an age of intangibility.

The designers who participated in the project are: Antonio De Marco, Odoardo Fioravanti, Diego Grandi, Giulio Iacchetti, JoeVelluto, Chiara Moreschi, Luca Nichetto, Lorenzo Palmieri, Matteo Ragni and Elena Salmistraro.


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