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Diesel Eyewear turns to a capsule collection to underline its daring and nonconformist character.

June 24 2020

Diesel Eyewear has created a capsule collection comprising two new versions of iconic models, designed to support the LGBTQI+ community.

The company believesthat each individual should be free to choose their own route to successful living, also when it comes to choosing who to love.

Being ourselves should not entail being subject to debate, judgement or (dis)approval, while pride and love should never be downplayed in the face of new obstacles.

The capsule collection.

The two versions are an aviator model, squared and characterised by a top bar, and a rounded frame characterised by an essential look. Both models come in a colour palette that echoes the classic rainbow flag and feature additional metallic elements in gold and silver. The special feature on these models is the fun ‘ghost-writing’ on the lenses -when exposed to steam, they reveal the ironic message “Get Wet”.

The two models come in a special white box that holds an exclusive matching pouch; the packaging is also customised with fake leather labels featuring a rainbow foil logo.

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