ELIE SAAB Maison Beirut

Elie Saab returns to its origins.

November 2 2021

In a world without borders, the word “home” continues to have special meaning: sensations, memories, emotions that can never be forgotten. It is in the wake of these emotions that Corporate Brand Maison and Elie Saab have created the second Elie Saab Maison showroom in the designer’s city of birth, Beirut. The space is located in Omar Daouk Street, in the heart of the Lebanese capital, in the Beirut Central District, next to the Elie SAAB Brand headquarters. A location of extraordinary visibility, on the ground floor of a building with great historical and architectural value.

“From the beginning, the idea at the basis of the ELIE SAAB Maison collection was that of transferring into the design objects the most intimate aspects of Lebanese values, which are based on the home, on a very precise idea of hospitality and belonging. The opening of the showroom in Beirut has an important symbolic significance, acquiring today a second meaning: it is an homage to valuable convictions, to the beauty of the place we call “home”. But it also includes a clear message of encouragement, of hope for a better future.” So Elie Saab.

“This opening constitutes a very important step for ELIE SAAB Maison, not only from the point of view of the international development of a project that had announced, early on, a series of openings in key locations for the Brand. The showroom in Beirut pays homage to the city where the Brand was founded, and it intends to underline the deep bond that unites it to the Maison collection, created with the idea of gathering all the extraordinary codes, of both aesthetics and values, that have made ELIE SAAB so popular throughout the world of Haute Couture, without interruption. AD Home is the ideal partner for us because it shares the spirit and lifestyle of the Brand,” Massimiliano Ferrari, CEO of Corporate Brand Maison.

The Beirut showroom broadens out over a surface of approximately 400 square metres, divided into areas which have undergone impressive restoration work, framed by columns and arcs that lightly touch ceiling higher than five metres. The ideal space in which to host the various settings of the collection, complete with accessories: two dining areas, two bedroom areas and a large lounge, embellished with rugs, with lighting products and textile accessories.

The concept of the showroom, as took place with the existing areas in Milan, London and Dubai, was developed by the Creative Director of Corporate Brand Maison, Carlo Colombo, together with his team. Every aspect was researched to create beauty; the settings, sophisticated and elegant, were carefully planned down to every single detail, with the intention of transmitting, at first glance, an enveloping sensation of luxury, research, style, through a knowledgeable selection of materials, from the stones chosen for the floors to the ornaments, textiles and metals, completely reflecting the sophisticated essence of the Brand. The showroom is like a portal through which the ELIE SAAB world is turned on, breathing the Brand in its entirety.

Corporate Brand Maison calls for an impressive international development plan for ELIE SAAB Maison, that will be implemented over the next months; the openings of the spaces in Milan, London, Dubai and now even Beirut highlight the strategic vision that will continue to be developed in the near future. The year 2022 is an ambitious year, with an impressive 20 openings planned, between showrooms and areas dedicated to the brand created in collaboration with exclusive partners, concentrating, during an early phase, on the Middle and Far East, the main European capitals and the western and eastern coasts of the United States.

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