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Esa research on consumers of sunglasses

November 5 2003

The French website, Acuité, has published some of the results of the first European study on sunglasses carried out by Tns Sofres on behalf of the European Sunglasses Association. The survey took place in the five main markets: France, Spain, Germany, Italy, Great Britain.

According to the results, the people interviewed in the five countries posses on average two pairs of sunglasses each, with the Italians and British above the average and the French below (one pair). But despite the fact that their climate is similar to ours, the Spanish are less equipped. 41% of Germans do not possess sunglasses, but those who do have them are amongst the most quality conscious.

One third of the interviewees buy at least one pair of sunglasses a year, one third a pair every two or three years, and the others change them at a slower rate. The European average is therefore less than one pair of sunglasses bought per year. The French and Germans come below this average.

In the research, the only brand to stand out in terms of renown was Ray-Ban (7%), with many other brands following behind at 1% of awareness. More than 40% of the interviewees, the French, Germans and British in particular, were unable to say what brand of sunglasses they had, whereas the Italians were more sensitive to product names.

Sunglasses are purchased principally from opticians' stores and this is particularly true in Italy (3 out of 4 interviewees).

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