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EssilorLuxottica has created its first campaign to raise awareness about visual impairment in children.

October 25 2021

One of the pillars in the EssilorLuxottica Corporate Social Responsibility roadmap is concerned with eradicating the issue of uncorrected sight impairment by 2050. In line with this commitment, the Group

this month launched its first global campaign to raise awareness about visual impairment in children.

The company entrusted the campaign design to Australian artist and illustrator Karan Singh, who has created colourful and captivating high-impact images that highlight the importance of eyecare and health.

The first campaign brings parents’ attention to the importance of regular and timely eye tests for their children from the early years onwards, to enable them to grow and achieve their future dreams. The campaign is visible on the website www.putvisionfirst.com with information about the importance of good eyesight for children’s health and future.

To reinforce the message, the Group’s eyewear retail brands have also been involved, including LensCrafters in North America, Salmoiraghi & Viganò in Italy and OPSM in Australia, with creative campaign versions principally aimed at each consumer market, again designed by the same artist.

This project has also involved EssilorLuxottica’s philanthropy partners, including Essilor Vision Foundation, Vision For Life and OneSight, which are implementing a series of local initiatives to promote access to eye tests and raise awareness on an international level about eyesight conditions.

Specifically, Essilor Vision Foundation is committed to a series of initiatives in France, China, the United States, Latin America and India: these range from eye tests with free prescription glasses for children from underprivileged backgrounds, to the organisation of fundraising and special events such as Kids Vision Fest in the United States in local schools, or the distribution of educational 3D books to young students in China. Together with the International Agency for the Prevention of Blindness (IAPB), OneSight will promote the EssilorLuxottica campaign, inviting over 1 million people to sign up for eye tests. The IAPB will offer 25,000 eye check-ups in South Africa and the United States.

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