Etnia Barcelona restructures its leadership

May 2 2019
Etnia Barcelona announces an important structural change at the company, which brings it closer to its origins. Following the departure of CEO Cristina Trujillo last Friday, April 5 (who was named the brand’s CEO in January 2018), David Pellicer, the company’s president and founder, has once again taken over the company’s management. This family-run business has always valued its teams above everything else and considers its people to be the foundation of its innovative vision, as well as the reason behind the growth that it has experienced over the years. With this decision, the company is seeking to strengthen its position and to uphold the values of honesty and humility that have distinguished it in its success thus far. With these as the company’s standard, Etnia Barcelona can go from being a family-run business to an international one, standing out from other companies in the sector because of its great ability to compete and take risks. The people that bring life to the company are authentic anarchic artists who have a creative and passionate spirit flowing through their veins. Which brings us to the departure of Cristina Trujillo, whose vision did not match the brand’s, as well as Toni Orts, the Operations Director, who had been part of the team created by the CEO. As a result, David Pellicer will personally become the CEO once more, along with a Management Committee that’s been expanded to 26 members. The committee includes María Carmen Ramo and Josep María Montserrat as personal consultants and Oriol Bou as the Strategic Director, a position created under the management of Cristina Trujillo and that will be kept. The company's intention with this change in the management’s direction is to lend a voice to the workers who have built Etnia Barcelona throughout the years and make it so that everyone is a part of the decision-making process in order to please the most important people: our customers. Despite these changes and the challenges that are on the horizon, the brand’s direction remains stable and its growth continues at more than 10% worldwide. Ph. David Pellicer
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