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andy wolf

Eyewear meets ceramic.

July 13 2022

Andy Wolf and the tableware label Motel A Miio have designed the Capsule Collection Paraiso consisting of two ceramic pieces and two matching sunglasses.

The collection finds its inspiration in a paradisiacal spot: a blooming garden. This is also reflected in the choice of name: Adam (unisex) means something like red earth or soil, Alba (feminine) means white in Latin - Bolus Alba = white clay.

Both - ceramics and eyewear - should relate to each other and be in harmony. As in nature, one conditions the other, the boundaries between eyewear and interior blur.
The result is two special ceramic pieces: the key piece is the vase xx, in which the lens shape of Alba was adopted for the shapely outer contour. Looking at the organic shape of the vase from above, it gives the perfect lens shape of the sunglasses lens.
For the xx tray, the lens of the Adam unisex frame was adopted, giving the tray its shape. The xx vase has fresh, overlapping color accents, while the xx tray plays with color highlights on the edge of the tray. Both pieces were handmade and painted in Portugal, each product is unique.
The two sunglasses Adam and Alba are a pair like from the paradisiacal Garden of Eden. Adam is a classic unisex canto frame, Alba is feminine, organically shaped and oversized. Deliberately placed facets give both glasses depth and 3- dimensionality - Adam has a subtle, slightly slanted inner facet all around the lens, reminiscent of the edge of a tablet. Alba contrasts this with a deep facet and a material thickness of 10 mm acetate, making it the partner of the deep vase. The pair glows in floral colors: a summery vertical pink-grey gradient, a honey brown, a classic beige- brown and a luminous brown-blue gradient with a yellow accent.

The eyewear is limited to 500 pieces per color and style worldwide. Both companies stand for sustainability and local production, so it was especially important for the cooperation that both glasses and ceramics are 100% locally handmade in Austria and Portugal respectively.

The Paraiso collection will be available for purchase in the stores and online store of Motel A Miio motelamiio.com and Andy Wolf as well as at selected partners.
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