Fabbricatorino arrives in Rome with a boutique.

May 6 2021

n Rome, close to the downtown shopping streets, opens a new optical shop, small and sophisticated as a gemstone. This is the local showroom of Fabbricatorino. The brand decided to open a shop in Rome to easily reach their loyal customers and also to expand their clientele. In a space of hardly 20 square meters, a tiny and refined eyewear boutique was created, transforming the reduced surface into a strong point: the result was achieved by working on the values of hospitality and customization, reserving the utmost care to every choice and every detail.


The project

Italia and Partners, the Turin-based architectural firm in charge of the renovation project, created an exclusive environment with a taste for

craftsmanship. Their project aimed to create a functional space with an elegant atmosphere, focusing on refined materials and a reference to tradition.

For the flooring, a large, colorful ceramic tile was chosen, reminiscent of the ancient Venetian “seminati” floors, in contrast with the walls, painted in a delicate light blue shade instead, and with the pink velvet armchairs. The reference to the artisan tradition can be found in the use of walnut combined with brass, both used in the counter and in the displays for glasses, in order to give a special touch to the whole project.

The ceiling is characterized by a black rectangular groove, in which iGuzzini Laserblade lights have been inserted, for a clean and essential result but, at the same time, with a decorative hint.

The architect Matteo Italia intervened on the pre-existing structure in order to optimize the distribution of the spaces, closing a staircase that was located at the bottom of the shop, to obtain a useful space for the daily activities. Custom-made wardrobes, to store materials and with push and pull disappearance doors, conceal the operative part.

The objective of the refurbishment, explains architect Matteo Italia, “was to create a welcoming, elegant showroom resulting spacious and airy despite the small size. We also worked very much about functionality, studying comfortable and practical spaces both for customers and opticians. The result is a small gemstone, elegant and discreet, perfectly in line with the brand FABBRICATORINO.”

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