Face à Face celebrates first decade

September 22 2005

Born in 1995, this year Face à Face celebrates its tenth birthday. Architectures was set up in 1995 by Pascal Jaulent who created the Face à Face line together with a group of eyewear lovers and architecture and contemporary design enthusiasts.

In September last year, Pascal's partner Nadine Roth set off to conquer the American and Japanese markets at the Los Angeles and Tokyo fairs. In October, the collection was officially launched in Paris with a high-impact slogan: 'retro style is a thing of the past, the future of eyewear is modernity'.

Pascal, who set out the guidelines for the Face à Face style and left Alyson Magee to create the collections till her departure in 2003, took on the artistic direction of Face à Face helped by a group of in-house designers.

In 2002 Face à Face opened an entirely dedicated production facility at Lons le Saunier. This center takes part in the technical development of all Face à Face products, controls the various production stages - carried out by the best producers in the entire Jura region - and performs the assembly and registration of all the metal and titanium frames. This special attention to all production problems is a sign of constant care and attention to detail, the prevailing characteristic of the Face à Face philosophy.

The first monobrand boutique was inaugurated in 2003 on Rue Saint Honoré, Paris. The opening of this store gave a new dimension to the line and increasingly strengthened its fame among the international clients who visit the outlet every year.

With 66 employees, 19 of whom are exclusive sales agents, Face à Face has more than 4,000 outlets in over 50 countries.

To celebrate the 10th anniversary in Paris on October 22, Face à Face will be giving a preview of a new expression of the brand's creativity, Les Bijoux. Like eyewear, jewelry is also a very personal beauty accessory.

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