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Fielmann AG acquires an 80 percent equity ownership stake in Óptica & Audiología Universitaria.

January 11 2021

The Spanish optical shain Óptica & Audiología Universitaria, with about 400,000 glasses sold and more than € 100 million in sales (2019), currently operates 80 stores with more than 1,000 employees in Spain.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the company outperformed its competitors and gained market share during the ongoing fiscal year.

The words of Marc Fielmann, CEO of Fielmann AG

“With Óptica & Audiología Universitaria we acquire one of the leading optical businesses in Spain. Its strict customer focus, highly qualified staff, superior products at the best prices and an outstanding productivity make the company a perfect match for us.

Through synergies within the Fielmann Group, we will further accelerate the growth of Óptica & Audiología Universitaria to reach our long-term plan of selling more than 900,000 glasses and generating sales of more than € 250 million.

This acquisition is another important step in our Vision 2025 which sees Fielmann shaping the industry across the continent to the benefit of consumers,” says Marc Fielmann, CEO of Fielmann AG.

“In 2021, we will further drive our international expansion, gain additional market share in both our core and growth markets and enter an additional new market.”

The present and the future of Optica & Audiología Universitaria

Manuel Caballero and Rufo Gómez, founders of Óptica & Audiología Universitaria, retain a 20 percent equity stake and will continue to actively develop the business:

“Digitisation and internationalisation are the two key challenges affecting our industry today. Thanks to Fielmann, we not only gain access to significant financial resources, an international supply chain and a superior omnichannel platform but also win a family business with shared values as a strategic partner.

We will utilise the Fielmann Group’s resources to grow Óptica & Audiología Universitaria and to attain market leadership.”

In 2021, Óptica & Audiología Universitaria is going to open 10 new stores in Spain. In the long-term, the company plans to operate more than 200 stores across Spain.

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