Fielmann Group’s Q1 2021 sales exceed Q1 2020 as well as pre-crisis level.

May 18 2021

In the first quarter of 2021, the generated sales revenues above the levels of the previous year and the pre-crisis period in 2019, despite the pandemic-related restrictions.

The established markets are also above the previous year’s level, excluding the acquired Spanish chain Óptica & Audiología Universitaria.

External sales incl. VAT and changes in inventories increased in the first three months of 2021 by 9% to 445 million (previous year: 407 million). Consolidated sales rose by 8% to around 382 million (previous year: 355 million).

Pre-tax profits rose to 41.8 million (previous year: 17.6 million) and the net income increased to 28.5 million (previous year: 12.1 million).

This result is influenced by higher costs for infection protection measures, among other things. Approximately €6 million have also been included as corona bonuses for all employees working in direct contact with customers.

As at 31 March 2021, Fielmann operated 875 stores (previous year: 776), 288 of which also contained hearing aid studios (previous year: 209). Fielmann is Germany’s largest employer in the optical industry with a total of 21,582 employees in the Group as at 31 March (previous year: 20,234), of whom 4,277 are apprentices (previous year: 4,065).

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