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For Oakley, success goes beyond sports

May 17 2023

Oakley's 2023 lifestyle campaign shines a spotlight on the BXTR and HSTN models, both of which were born from the minds of the brand's designers and friends, who together developed models halfway between sports and culture. The campaign champions what matters to its athletes on and off the field and consists of a series of videos starring the brand's athletes who show through their eyes what it means to encourage people to go beyond appearances. By promoting the authenticity and self-affirmation that Oakley athletes put into everything they do, not only in their respective sports, the brand in fact wants to show that success is not only realized in the adrenaline-fueled moments on the field, but also in the other passions of its ambassadors.

In this regard, Oakley's athletes stated:

Kylian Mbappé: "People are probably convinced that I live only for soccer, but that is but a piece of my story. Off the field I want to inspire the new generation and help young people achieve their dreams, even the biggest ones. My foundation, Inspired by KM, gives young people the tools to pursue their goals by taking their interests seriously. Whether it's on or off the court, I want to encourage little ones to dream big, partly because it's by dreaming big that I got where I am.”

Damian Lillard: "Basketball is my job, but there is more to my life than that. Music has always been an expressive and creative tool for me. Getting into the recording room helps me have the balance I need to continue to give my best on the court. Growing up, my idols were not only my favorite basketball players, but also rappers like Nas and Lil Wayne, and I still look to them when I need inspiration on the court and in life. Having a career in both music and basketball allows me to express all of myself in my own way."

Alexia Putellas: "The concepts of equality and gender equality in the world of soccer are so important to me. So many female athletes have paved the way before me, so I believe it is my duty to show the way for the next generation, because they will eventually be the ones to pick up the baton. I hope to be remembered not so much for trophies or goals, but for spreading the message that this magnificent sport is open to all and sundry."

The campaign also sees the debut of American soccer rising star Trinity Rodman and NBA Rookie of the Year 2022-23 Paolo Banchero, Oakley's two newest signings. Brazilian surfer Gabriel Medinaand Australian surfer Ethan Ewing also participated.
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