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Four steps to sustainability

July 2 2021


Since it was first founded, FabbricaTorino has completed four stages to achieve eco-thinking. The project is in constant evolution and the last step revolves around making circular manufacturing completely transparent and traceable. The CEO of the Turin company, Alessandro Monticone, talks to WMIDO about the journey undertaken in the pursuit of environmental sustainability.

When did you start to think and act in a sustainable way?

Actually, from day one: the first essential step for everyone (not just in the eyewear industry) should be the manufacture of high-quality items designed to last.

How is this concept evolving?

The mission continues with the goal of becoming even more environment-friendly as a company. The second step was taken around three years ago, when we decided to introduce a new material – BioAcetate – made with renewable natural resources which are widespread, recyclable and biodegradable.

Do you use only BioAcetate in your collections?

Not 100% yet, but that’s the goal. I can honestly say that we use it for about 50% of our products. In our own small way, we try to launch a message to the big companies that produce bioacetate, to increase the supply of this product. At the moment, producing a collection entirely in bioacetate would be restrictive.


For the options provided: there are increasingly more materials in bioacetate on the market, but the range is still not that wide.

Faced with this “difficulty”, have you found alternative paths?

Yes, since last year we have been reclaiming waste materials from acetate sheet production. In the last spring/summer collection, we launched the first sunglasses in recycled acetate.



What is your position regarding the creation of a circular economy?

Yes, we have an experimental project that veers in this direction – a line in recycled and recyclable bioplastic, FT-ECO. For the moment, we have only one model. We are working with other innovative start-ups on further technologies with the aim of making circular manufacturing entirely transparent and traceable.

In addition, there is the solution of an “educational and rewards” initiative, for virtuous behaviour of our customers. Our project rewards our customers when they return their eyewear at the end of its life, so that it become part of the production process, in view of a circular economy.

Women’s eyewear photo: Mod. Tuscania, bioacetate
Men’s eyewear photo: FT-ECO
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